Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY: Easy Kimono

Kimonos are one of the newest fashion trends right now, and they're so cute! However, it can be pretty tricky and time consuming to try to find one with a price ticket that doesn't break your budget. In this DIY, you can learn how to make your very own kimono for around $10, plus there is  no sewing machine involved!


Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lookbook Store!

Most people don't have endless money to be spending on big ticket items. Yet, at the same rate, it's becoming harder and harder to find cheap clothes that are still fashionable. Good news, ladies! I just found a gold mine!

The Lookbook Store has some of the cutest and most fashion-forward pieces out there. Granted, not every article of clothing they have to offer is at perfect pricing, but plenty of them are! Their selections contain a wide variety from winter to summer choices, as well as dresses and rompers to swimwear and crop tops.

I just purchased their Vintage Crochet Tank and the Floral Crop Sleeves Kimono in sky blue. I've seen this tank as well as look a likes all over instagram, tumblr, and similar sites, just like many of their products. I originally ordered it because it looks cute and summery, not to mention the killer price! Only $16! There's is also a similar tank on their site which is a buck cheaper. The kimono I purchased was because I've seen many kimonos and floral jackets being worn around the internet, and I really wanted one for myself. Most of them, however, are $30+. So, I was more than happy to find this one for $21! Sure, it doesn't have the best price tag, but it's good enough for me! There are several other kimonos on their site for similar prices. A sweet little added bonus is there was free shipping, plus I got 5% off (nothing major, but hey, I'll take it!).

When the fact that the Lookbook Store ships from China is taken into consideration, my items arrived in good time (and in perfect condition). I received my package 10 days after I placed the order, which was about a week sooner than they estimated. It can take over a month for products to arrive coming from China! So, I thought that was pretty great.

My clothes were in perfect condition when I got them, and they were just as I expected them to be. With the quality, prices, convenience, and shipping all taken into account, the Lookbook Store is definitely one of my favorites.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just Me and the Sun's Fading Rays

Only seven days left...
I'm doing my best.
How will I hold back the tears and the sorrow?
Will I feel this way tomorrow?
What will I do when she's not here by my side?
When she's died...?
How will I get through the endless fall days?
Just me and the sun's fading rays...

(original poem)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Delicious All-Natural Peppermint Tea

For all the tea-lovers out there, this is a tea that you must try! It's perfect for the chilly holiday seasons, and will surely get you in a jolly mood! The name of this tea is Stash Peppermint Herbal Tea, and it's caffeine free. If you check the ingredients label, you'll see it's 100% natural and the only ingredient is peppermint leaves. The package looks like this:
(image from:
This tea can be found at your local supermarket, which is where I bought mine. It only takes 3-5 minutes to steep, and all that is required is a tea bag, a mug, and hot water.
I personally fell in love with this tea after my first cup. It has a rich, deep peppermint taste, plus it's caffeine free. I value that aspect of this tea because I can drink it any time of the day or at night. It's natural ingredient makes me feel secure in that I'm not putting crap (aka 'artificial flavors' and 'high fructose corn syrup' depending on the tea) in my body.
I hope you enjoy giving this tea a try!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leopard Print Nails!

Who doesn't love leopard print nails?
(image from
It's unbelievably simple to create your own leopard print nail look. Plus, they turn out great! I could write a tutorial, but I think this video would better explain it.
This video also features the half moon nail design.

I hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Get Longer Eyelashes

Having long eyelashes is really simple. All you need is the right mascara and a pair of eye lash curlers.

(image from
The mascara I use is Maybelline Illegal Length, and it's the best mascara I've ever used. I look for lengthening mascaras, and this one is the best! It makes my eyelashes looks super long, plus I get tons of compliments on it from my friends. I'm always getting asked what kind of mascara I use.

Mascara isn't everything. My lashes wouldn't be half as long as they do if I didn't use my eyelash curler, and you might as well not use a curler at all if you don't know how to use it properly.
(image from
I use a Revlon eyelash curler very similar to this one everyday. It's very powerful and curls my lashes perfectly every time. I like the black cushion grips, however, mine always fall out from the squeezing after I curl my lashes. This isn't a big deal because I can just pop the grips back in and it's as good as new. Overall, I love this curler.

Now, how to use it correctly...
The first thing I do to begin my mascara routine is curl the lashes on my first eye for at least 20 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds. This is an important step to take note of because many people think it's okay to curl their lashes for only about 5-10 seconds each, but that doesn't do anything. After I curl the lashes on my first eye, I apply my mascara, root to tip, as directed on the package. Then I repeat the curling and mascara on my second eye. After that's done, I curl the first eye's lashes for about 20 seconds again. Depending on if I want to or not, I'll apply a second coat of mascara. The ending look doesn't look that much different if more than one coat is used, so you can mess around and see which method you prefer.Curl the second eye again, and apply another coat of mascara (optional). Curl the first eye again (for the third time) and apply more mascara if desired. Repeat for the second eye. If it looks like my eyelashes could be a bit longer, I'll curl each one again. The ending look is super long eyelashes. After this routine, when I look up, I can feel my eyelashes touching just below my eyebrows. That's how long my lashes are and yours should be if you follow the routine!

If the Shoe Fits...

The newest trend this fall is cowgirl boots! Teenagers and women alike adore this boot style. Do you own any yet? If you're looking to buy a pair for yourself or as a gift for the upcoming holidays, keep reading!
(image from
These Report (brand) boots are grey suede and are just the right price! I purchased my pair from Famous Footwear and got them on sale for $49.99. The price tag is a bit steep, but once you try these on you'll understand why. They aren't too wide at the top like many boots of this style are, plus the suede material means they're soft to touch. The double buckles add style. If you're interested, the link to them is here

If you own these boots, let me know how you like them in the comments!