Sunday, November 3, 2013

Get Longer Eyelashes

Having long eyelashes is really simple. All you need is the right mascara and a pair of eye lash curlers.

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The mascara I use is Maybelline Illegal Length, and it's the best mascara I've ever used. I look for lengthening mascaras, and this one is the best! It makes my eyelashes looks super long, plus I get tons of compliments on it from my friends. I'm always getting asked what kind of mascara I use.

Mascara isn't everything. My lashes wouldn't be half as long as they do if I didn't use my eyelash curler, and you might as well not use a curler at all if you don't know how to use it properly.
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I use a Revlon eyelash curler very similar to this one everyday. It's very powerful and curls my lashes perfectly every time. I like the black cushion grips, however, mine always fall out from the squeezing after I curl my lashes. This isn't a big deal because I can just pop the grips back in and it's as good as new. Overall, I love this curler.

Now, how to use it correctly...
The first thing I do to begin my mascara routine is curl the lashes on my first eye for at least 20 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds. This is an important step to take note of because many people think it's okay to curl their lashes for only about 5-10 seconds each, but that doesn't do anything. After I curl the lashes on my first eye, I apply my mascara, root to tip, as directed on the package. Then I repeat the curling and mascara on my second eye. After that's done, I curl the first eye's lashes for about 20 seconds again. Depending on if I want to or not, I'll apply a second coat of mascara. The ending look doesn't look that much different if more than one coat is used, so you can mess around and see which method you prefer.Curl the second eye again, and apply another coat of mascara (optional). Curl the first eye again (for the third time) and apply more mascara if desired. Repeat for the second eye. If it looks like my eyelashes could be a bit longer, I'll curl each one again. The ending look is super long eyelashes. After this routine, when I look up, I can feel my eyelashes touching just below my eyebrows. That's how long my lashes are and yours should be if you follow the routine!

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